december Issue

Accepting:Winter & Holiday Fashion, Beauty, New Year & Celebration Themes, and Open Theme Editorials

Submission Dates 10/10/21 - 11/27/21

Cheology Magazine welcomes submissions from creatives, businesses, brands, writers, bloggers, entertainers and artists. We give you an opportunity to gain more exposure and interest in your work and/or product.

We are looking forward to publishing your work!


Are you a Model, Photographer, Makeup Artist, or Stylist and interested in publishing your work?

Businesses & Brands

Do you own a business, are you building a brand that either sells products or offer services? Are you an entrepreneur?

Writers & Bloggers

Do you have a passion for creative writing? Do you enjoy researching and gathering information to share with others?

Entertainers & Artists

Are you a poet, painter, musician, singer, actor/actress, comedian ? Do you have a profession or hobby for arts and crafts?

Cheology Magazine Submission Guidelines

Editorial Submissions

Cheology Magazine is currently accepting fashion, beauty and open-themed editorials. Start your submission by clicking on submit, add "Editorial Submission" in subject field and include your name, website, all social media handles and the below information. 

  • Submit at least 4 - 8 images (all images won't be published)

         *High resolution (JPG or PNG)*

  • Title of editorial

  • Team credentials: (photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, designer or fashion stylist and creative director)

          *For fashion editorials include wardrobe credits for designer, store or brands.*

Writers & Bloggers

We are looking for guest writers and bloggers who are passionate about their craft.  You can pitch any fresh ideas and compelling topics you would like to share. If you are interested in contributing writing content please click submit and enter "Writer Submission" or "Blogger Submission" as the subject. Be sure to include your name, the topic/article title you would like to write about and a brief opening paragraph on the material.  If you are utilizing any resources to assist with your writing piece please list them.


If you have a product or service to sell, please submit your company or brand name and a detail description of what you are advertising.  Include owner's name, business location (if available), website, all social media handles and put "Advertisement Submission" in the subject field. Also, please specify if you have advertisement content ready to share or if you need graphic designer services provided by our creative team.

*Graphic design rates vary on page size. Ask for details on these rates if you are interested.*

Advertisement Rates:  

Full page $50.00

Half a page $25.00

Entertainers  &  Artists

We are thrilled to present a platform for all creatives from all walks of life.  It doesn't matter if you are new to your profession or experienced. We are looking for passionate, talented and creative individuals to add flare to the website and magazine. Click on submit  button, add "Entertainment Submission" or "Artist Submission" in the subject field. Please provide your name, what type of entertainment or artistry you perform, website (if available), and social media handles.

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